A Atlantes é uma Operadora de Turismo Submarino, com base em Guarapari-ES desde 1993. Conta com uma loja bem equipada, escritório de viagens e turismo, salas de aula para cursos de mergulho, estação de recarga de cilindros, oficina de manutenção.

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  • Apito Sonoro de Superfície Apito Sonoro de Superfície
  • Apito Sonoro Subaquático Apito Sonoro Subaquático
  • Colete Falcon Colete Falcon
  • Colete Oceanic Oceanpro Colete Oceanic Oceanpro
  • Computador Cressi Leonardo Computador Cressi Leonardo
  • Computador TUSA ZEN IQ-900 Computador TUSA ZEN IQ-900
  • Lanterna Primaria ORION Lanterna Primaria ORION
  • Mala Mares Cruise Captain Mala Mares Cruise Captain
  • Mascara Matrix Mascara Matrix
  • Nadadeiras CRESSI SUB Pro Light Nadadeiras CRESSI SUB Pro Light

1st Diving Course


What PADI is?   Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) is the world’s leading scuba diving training organization.With more than forty years experience, over 136,000 PADI Professionals and more than 6200 dive shops and resorts worldwide, PADI training materials and services let you experience scuba diving from nearly anywhere.

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the world"s most popular way that introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle. With us you will see how much easy and fun SCUBA diving is and learn about equipment, marine environment, how to plan and execute actual dives, how to prevent and manage problems and many other things. 

The course STARTS at home, watching instructional videos and reading PADI Open Water Diver Manual available in English, Spanish or Portuguese. Also we can offer in many other languages, asking in anticipation. You can pick up the didactic material at our shop or we can send it to you through mail service or you can choose the e-Learning method. When you finish watching the videos and reading the manual, you will be ready to come to Atlantes Guarapari to meet your instructor and our crew, and complete the course in only 3 days.

We take care of our students in a personalized and dedicated way, so, you can have introductory sessions (academic revision and swimming pool practices with complete SCUBA equipment) when you will able to do it.  You can book any day, any time you prefer. Usually, this first presentation of the SCUBA Diving World takes only one day: 2 - 3 hours classroom in the morning +  3 - 4 hours in swimming pool in the afternoon. But you can do it in different days at your choice. 

After that, is time to go to the sea! We use our diving boat to sail 1 hour away from Guarapari City, toward the islands where we find the clearest water and great underwater marine life. Normally we confirm boat trips every weekend with groups of students and certificated divers. This part of the course include a lot of fun also: besides practicing exercices with your instructor until 18 meters depth, you will enjoy "the most rich coral reef fish biodiversity of Brazil”  (recognized at XII Brazilian Ichthyology Congress). Our course include 2 boat trips and 4 dives, guided by your instructor. 

Completing the course, you will receive your International Certification Card. Contact us and have more information to start your course today!


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Rua José Barcellos de Matos, 341, Centro, Guarapari, ES, Brasil, 29200-720 | +55 27 3361-0405/3361-4440 atlantes@atlantes.com.br